The Top 4 Items To Gift Your Stoner Partner For Valentine’s Day 2022

The Top 4 Items To Gift Your Stoner Partner For Valentine’s Day 2022

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love in all facets – family love, friendship love, or even animal love! However with all types of love out there in the world, there’s one kind that this holiday is specifically famous for: romantic love. If you’re lucky enough to have had a significant other on Valentine’s Day, you may know that the pressure can feel huge. Deciding on a gift, an activity to do and trying to get reservations anywhere can be overwhelming. While all love is beautiful, we believe self love is one of the most important kinds. It’s often overlooked on Valentine’s, but this day should also be an excuse to go overboard with self care in the best way. This article will go over some creative and classic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your stoner partner, but please feel free to adapt these to yourself to show some love in the other direction for a change! 


Rose Cannabis Bouquet 

An elegant, simple gift idea that’s been taken to the next level in the last couple years with marijuana. First, you’ll want to pick up any colour rose bouquet your significant other would like and at least an eighth of their favourite strain, or alternatively 2 packs of pre rolls (at least 10). You can choose pre rolls or bud – it depends on your partner’s smoking habits and which they might prefer. Once you have your roses, you can strategically place the nugs in the center of the rose or use matching ribbon to secure them along the stem. If you’ve chosen to use pre rolls, you’ll want to use the ribbon and stem technique. This gift is extremely thoughtful but still simple and we’re sure your stoner significant other will be blown away.


THC/CBD Bath Bomb

If your partner is a workaholic, there’s no better gift than one that’ll encourage them to turn off their brain for a bit. Run a hot bath and add a bath bomb in a scent of their liking. A THC or CBD infused bath bomb will help to relieve any soreness or pain your partner may be experiencing – if your tub is big enough, you can hop in and rub their back to add to the experience. If you really want to step it up a notch, add rose petals or bath salts to the water but most importantly, try to scrounge up a few candles. It’s all about “setting the vibe” and candles are known for their warm, intimate glow. Bring in a speaker to throw on a spa playlist or something your partner would enjoy and watch them melt into tranquility.


Infused Massage Oil

Topical use of cannabis has a multitude of benefits and many users reap these by participating in a self care activity called a CBD massage. This has the components of a normal massage, but adds the healing benefits of CBD to your treatment as well. By using an infused massage oil, the masseuse is usually able to dig deeper into your back due to the loosening effect CBD can give your body. It can also unintentionally help with skin issues when used topically as CBD oil can be an amazing moisturizer. With the topical use of CBD, you’ll feel more connected to yourself during the massage and much less stressed. This is the perfect romantic activity to do with your partner on Valentine’s Day, especially after indulging in an infused bath bomb together. 


Stash Jar With Homerolled Joints 

An amazing gift for a fellow stoner any time of the year. Use Valentine’s Day this year as an excuse to finally pick up a nice stash jar for your significant other. If they tend to keep their smoking supplies in a plastic bag or an old cosmetic bag, this is the perfect time to give them the upgrade they’ve been needing. This is also an amazing opportunity to do 2 gifts in 1 – you could buy a stash jar but instead of giving it to them empty, fill it with joints you’ve rolled yourself. Last but not least, if you’re aiming for the waterworks this year our suggestion is to add little gift tags to each joint saying something you love about your partner. This stash jar gift can be the perfect base idea for something even better – see where your creative mind and heart full of love take you!


We hope this article gave you inspiration for what to get your stoner partner this year for Valentine’s Day. The best part about these gifts is that they can be adapted to almost any relationship – your stoner best friend would most likely enjoy a cannabis bouquet, and Mom or Dad would probably love the massage oil! If you’re not sure where to go for some of these items, visit our website Holi Concentrates to browse the amazing deals and let us help make your Valentine’s dreams come true. However you choose to celebrate and whoever you choose to celebrate with, we hope our Holi Blog readers have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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