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We believe in the pursuit of peace and happiness, and we’re very aware that saving money helps to achieve both, even if it’s a small step. With that in mind, we have a Rewards Program in place to help send a little happiness back to our customers. It couldn’t be simpler to get started: create an account with us, and start shopping! For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn 1 point, and every 20 points equals $1 off your next purchase! Sign up and spread a little happiness.
Holi Rewards Points
Holi Rewards Points

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Earn 20 Points
Instantly get 20 Reward Points when you sign up for a free account – it's our way of saying thank you!
Holi Rewards Points

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Earn 5 Points
If you leave a review, we notice! You’ll get 5 points for each review you post. Love a product? Review it!
Holi Rewards Points

Spend a Dollar, Earn a Point

1 Dollar, 1 Point
For each dollar you spend with us, you’ll earn one Holi Reward Point. We like to keep it simple here!
Holi Rewards Points

Redeem Rewards Points & Save

20 points = $1
For every 20 points you redeem, you’ll save $1 – Because who doesn’t love saving money, right?

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