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Pink Goo is an indica dominant strain with a contested parentage and an unconfirmed indica-sativa ratio. While not much is known about its heritage, many growers say it is a cross between Afghani Goo and Pink Kush, hence the name  “Pink Goo.”

Afghani Goo, also known as Afgooey, is a popular cannabis strain that, as the name suggests, descends from the Afghani indica landrace. Afghani Goo is said to be a cross of the Afghani landrace with the sativa dominant – Maui Haze strain. Afghani Goo gets its name from the stickiness of the buds, caused by the sticky resin seeping out of the frosty trichomes.

The gooey resin is also a feature in its offspring – the Pink Goo. Pink Goo’s other parent is Pink Kush, a high THC Indica strain linked to the legendary West Coast cannabis strain – OG Kush. Pink Kush is known for its powerful body-focused effects, exceptional aesthetics, and its sweet vanilla and candy fragrances.

Pink Goo hybrid strain is known for its tasty and gassy flavours that Pink Kush fans are guaranteed to appreciate. Its appearance makes it irresistible as it carries on its parent’s good looks – including the typical indica medium-sized dense buds covered in a blanket of milky white trichomes and fiery orange hairs.

Pink Goo strain is often confused with Pinkman Goo, a rare indica dominant hybrid developed by CaliCropDoc. Pinkman Goo is rumoured to be named for Breaking Bad’s stoner character Jesse Pinkman. It gets its second name from its tree-like ability to ooze sap from the bottom of the calyxes, a rare phenomenon among cannabis crops.

Pink Goo’s effects range from euphoria, happiness, creativity and sleepiness.

Strain Makeup & Smoking Tips:

Pink Goo is an Indica strain, and we recommend smoking this in the evening.

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Pink Goo (QUAD)
Pink Goo (QUAD)

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Holi Concentrates began when we noticed a distinct lack of resources for Rastafarians to order sacrament and have it delivered straight to their door. We recognized there was a space to fill and felt an obligation to step up and help anyone looking for this convenience. Through Holi, we work to put a positive foot forward in the online marijuana industry, and we recognize that the sacred herb is more than just a recreational escape, it is a natural way to get closer to Jah.

Pink Goo (QUAD)

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Pink Goo (QUAD)

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Rastafarians have a deep reverence for the holy herb, and we want to share that with our customers, whether they are long time Rastafarians, or are just starting their journey. We ensure that only the cleanest, safest cannabis is grown for our sacrament, and that our customers can have peace of mind knowing this. If you would like tips on how to consume cannabis to further your connection to Jah and gain a deeper understanding of your inner self, please reach out to us as we’d love to help.

Pink Goo (QUAD)

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Pink Goo (QUAD)

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Pink Goo (QUAD)

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