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  • 15mg CBD Pill


    15mg of CBD combined with high-grade Rick Simpson inspired oil, decarboxylated and infused into organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil then packed into a gelatin capsule. These CBD capsules provide great medicinal benefits and helps relief any existing pain and stress from the user. Capsules can be opened and put under tongue for more immediate effects. This product is sold individually, you’ll receive 1 pill per order.

    Product Dosage & Ingredients:

    Each capsule contains 15mg of Cannabidiol.

  • 50mg CBD Isolate Pill


    Each gelatin capsule contains 50mg of CBD isolate infused coconut oil. This capsule contains (0) ZERO THC, it is straight CBD isolate.

  • 50mg Full Spectrum CBD Pill


    These gelatin capsules are filled with 50mg CBD:2mg THC(Full Spectrum) infused coconut oil. High doses of CBD can act like a sedative for some while others find it a amazing for chronic pain.


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