The Best Cannabis Strains for Day and Night Time Use

Did you know that the time you choose to smoke can greatly affect your experience and possibly even your high? To put this into perspective, smoking first thing in the morning, otherwise known as a “wake and bake” may get you higher than normal due to the fact your body hasn’t had much nourishment to […]
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How to Heal From The Outside With Cannabis

Globally, the amount of people using cannabis to ease chronic pain on any level is bigger than you may think, due to cannabis being widely legalized. Topical use of CBD products in particular can reduce inflammation in the body, aid in calming anxiety, and help with sleep by creating an overall relaxed feeling in your […]

How To Throw The Best Stoner Christmas Party

In our opinion, the only thing better than a Christmas party is… a stoner themed Christmas party! With green being one of the most notorious colours of the holiday season, weed can make an easy pairing with holiday related activities. Many people have never thought about combining Christmas and cannabis, and the closest they’ve experienced […]

Holi Concentrates’ Top 3 Strains To Take Into Winter 2021

Our dedicated team remains consistent in introducing brand new intriguing strains to our customers, from the west coasts in Vancouver all the way in Toronto. And with the winter season at our doorsteps, we have hand picked a few strains which we think should end up at yours as well!  Holi Concentrates flower comes from […]

The Litty Kat Chocolate Bar: The Best New Chocolate Treat On The Market

Here at Holi Concentrates, our team of dedicated cannabis connoisseurs are constantly browsing the industry for the next best products to offer our beloved customers. If we’re not doing that, then we’re probably trying to create the next best thing! With that in mind, we are proud to now display our newest delicacy, the Litty […]
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Top 5 Traits of a Stoner

A stoner is defined as someone who smokes marijuana, but I challenge that. A stoner is not someone who just smokes marijuana, but rather someone who enjoys it for themselves, and smokes regularly. Most likely, someone who took the time to find an article on how to know if you are a stoner is a […]

How to Tell if You’re a Stoner Girl

There comes a point in every hobby where once you cross it, you’ll know yourself as a “blank” person. Case and point – some girls refer to themselves as Aritzia girls, some as LA girls (even though they’ve likely never been to LA), and some as stoner girls. Like with all 3, people often are […]

The Many Benefits CBD Provides to Adults

More and more adults and older adults are turning to CBD for pain relief. In 2013, Health Canada figures showed that two-thirds of Canadians registered to purchase medical marijuana were taking it to treat severe arthritis, which is more prevalent among older adults. However, there is still much that researchers do not understand about CBD. […]

Holi Concentrates’ Top 4 Tastiest Treats to Take Into the Fall Season

THC and CBD-infused edibles have established themselves in the cannabis industry in their many variations, with countless different treats to experience. Marijuana edibles are discreet, easy to consume, powerful, and are unbeatable for relaxation purposes. All edibles Holi Concentrates carries are made completely of plant derived components and do not include any unnecessary flavours or […]

Why Holi Concentrates Is the Best Weed Delivery Dispensary in Vancouver

If you’ve ever experienced the sudden craving of a joint between your fingers, or a bag of juicy weed soft candies to mellow down your evening, it’s a common feeling to wish that you can pick up the phone and call someone, followed shortly by your desired product of choice showing up at your doorstep. […]
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