The 3 Best Edibles You’ve Got to Try for Spring 2021

With THC and CBD-infused edibles on the rise in their many variations, many Canadian marijuana lovers are getting into the edible game. Marijuana edibles are discreet, easy to ingest, powerful, and are amazing for relaxation purposes. All edibles Holi Concentrates carries are made completely of plant derived components and do not include any unnecessary flavours […]
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Why Do Marijuana Vape Pens Crystallize?

Often, when enthusiasts discover that their new marijuana vape pen or cartridge is in a crystallized form – whether it has just arrived from the mail or have been sitting around for a few days, the panic. “How am I supposed to vape this?”, a frequent message some certain customer support staff may have an […]

Does Marijuana Have An Expiry Date?

A common question asked by many members of the marijuana community is whether the plant, and products derived from the plant, have best-before dates. A quick answer is yes; anything and everything has an expiry date. However, with cannabis, depending on the form it’s in whether as dried flower or infused into a gummy bear, […]

Getting High From Marijuana and The Factors That Affect It

The high we experience from marijuana can lead to very personal experiences, affecting each user differently. With that said, there are a few external factors that can affect how your body responds to the THC properties in weed. Predicting how you’re going to feel after consuming cannabis is difficult, as there are many factors that […]

Introducing 5 Amazing Vape Cartridges To Gift Your Friends This Christmas!

As the holidays edge closer and closer, not all of us have checked off every box on our Christmas shopping list. That could be because you’ve been too busy and/or too lazy to do so, but don’t worry, our Holi Team has got you covered. We have hand-picked 5 phenomenal Vape Pen Cartridge products that […]
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Holi Concentrates’ Top 4 Strongest Marijuana Strains this December

Here at Holi Concentrates, our dedicated team remains consistent when it comes to introducing new premiere strains to our customers, from West Coast in Vancouver to all the way in Toronto. Our team consists of enthusiasts who continue to constantly research and keep up to date with the industry and which new products it offers. […]

Holi Concentrates Guide: All You Need To Know About Cannabinoids

When you ask a cannabis connoisseur about their marijuana hobby and what made them start smoking, the answer has often to do with friends or relatives. If you ask them further, chances are they will not know too much about their cannabis products other than the experience. Most will describe the high, without much elaboration […]

4 Amazing Marijuana Edibles You’ve Got to Try This November 2020

Edibles have been proven to be one of the safest and most effective ways to enjoy the powers of premium cannabis. Marijuana Edibles are well-known to introduce stronger effects than simply smoking weed. There’s a strong point for why the high from Edibles feels different from other methods of consumption – mainly because ingesting marijuana […]

Introducing Holi Concentrates Premium Daily Deals

As our Holi Team continued to brainstorm how we could create the most ideal cannabis shopping experience, we came up with the perfect idea. Why not give our beloved customers amazing deals to enjoy on each day of the week? Mondays are for settling into the work mood, Thursdays are for complacent, while Sundays are […]

Why Holi Concentrates is Vancouver’s Number #1 Same-Day Delivery Online Dispensary

There are many aspects required from an online mail-dispensary to maintain success, and our Holi Concentrates Team believes that convenience and speediness is what sets us apart. Having a professionally-created online website is not meaningful to us if the delivery portion isn’t treated with just as much care and effort. With that in mind, our […]
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