Can Cannabis Help Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track?

Sleep is the basic essential of any human being, yet many adults suffer from the lack of it. According to a survey administered by the National Sleep Foundation, 50 to 70 million adults in North America experience insomnia on a regular basis. On a proportional level, around 40% of adults will experience sleep disorder in […]
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Before You Try Marijuana Edibles, Read This!

In recent months, we have observed an upsurge of orders from customers who usually only bought flower or hash to contain the addition of marijuana edibles. Call it a change in trend, or the community collectively trying a new vessel of getting high out of their minds, this increase in the volume of edibles has […]

Why Do Marijuana Vape Pens Crystallize?

Often, when enthusiasts discover that their new marijuana vape pen or cartridge is in a crystallized form – whether it has just arrived from the mail or have been sitting around for a few days, the panic. “How am I supposed to vape this?”, a frequent message some certain customer support staff may have an […]

Does Marijuana Have An Expiry Date?

A common question asked by many members of the marijuana community is whether the plant, and products derived from the plant, have best-before dates. A quick answer is yes; anything and everything has an expiry date. However, with cannabis, depending on the form it’s in whether as dried flower or infused into a gummy bear, […]

Holi Guide 2020: How To Effectively Store Your Marijuana

Maintaining your marijuana for the best smoke possible is something that most cannabis lovers aren’t always so attentive about. Many bud lovers underestimate how many aspects can affect their unused marijuana negatively. Overall, heat is probably the biggest enemy towards cannabis. When exposed to too much heat, weed will have its cannabinoids and terpenes dried […]
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Holi Concentrates Guide: What Is Shatter And How Do You Use It?

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, introducing new products and methods of consumption on a daily basis. The average marijuana user is unlikely to know all the different products available in the market today. That’s where we come in. Today, our Holi Concentrates team would like to introduce a potent and powerful form of cannabis. […]

Top 5 Variables on Getting a Good High

Top 5 Variables on Getting a Good High We all want to get high once in a while. Depending on a variety of factors, the high you experience will differ from each time you light up. While the science behind how you feel after consuming cannabis involves complex interactions between your DNA and the plant, […]