The Best Cannabis Strains for Day and Night Time Use

The Best Cannabis Strains for Day and Night Time Use

Did you know that the time you choose to smoke can greatly affect your experience and possibly even your high? To put this into perspective, smoking first thing in the morning, otherwise known as a “wake and bake” may get you higher than normal due to the fact your body hasn’t had much nourishment to combat cannabis and its effects. Choosing the time you smoke and going a step further by finding a strain to compliment your intentions for that day/night can help deliver the exact effects you’re looking for. Below we have discussed the difference between sativas, indicas and hybrids, and given our recommendations for strains that can be best used for morning or nighttime use. 


Sativas, Indicas and Hybrids – What’s Right for Me?

The important distinction between these options is found in the effects they give the user. In a general sense, sativa is associated with a “head high” and gives the user feelings of euphoria, creativity, motivation and energy. Indica on the other hand is associated with a “body high” that can ease pain, induce relaxation, lower stress and have sedative effects. If you’re hoping for the best of both worlds, a hybrid strain may be right for you. This is a crossbreed of both indica and sativa and can favor either more heavily. Due to its duality, a hybrid strain allows the ability to have a relaxed body high, but still feel alert and energized. 


The Best Strains For Daytime

Despite its historical reputation as a calming substance, cannabis is a versatile plant that can be beneficial on many different occasions. From artists needing a creativity boost to chronic pain interfering with daily tasks, marijuana can help you start your day off right and give you a boost to get things done. Below we have listed some of our favorite strains for the daytime that can aid in an array of issues. 

  • Lemon Kush – Lemon Kush is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that we recommended is best enjoyed at the beginning of your day. It’s a strain that promotes creativity, happiness and relaxation, and offers a strong, euphoric high which isn’t too overpowering at all.
  • God’s Green Crack – God’s Green Crack is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain that packs a heavy high, perfect for relaxing days when you’re looking for energy to get moving but still want to kick back and relax. This strain is often chosen to treat depression, migraines, and appetite loss.
  • Master Kush Indica – Master Kush is a unique indica strain that doesn’t follow the typical profiles because even though it perfectly relaxes the body, it keeps the mind alert and active so you can enjoy your day.


The Best Strains For Nighttime 

One of the most common uses of cannabis is to help fight insomnia – indica strains specifically. These strains can help fight sleep related issues by restoring the body’s natural circadian rhythm and helping you stay in stage 4 sleep for longer, which is the most restorative and deepest stage in the sleep cycle. Indica’s can also help relieve the common causes of insomnia, such as anxiety or chronic pain. Below we have listed some of our recommendations for strains that are wonderful at night. 

  • Blue Coma -Blue Coma is an indica strain, known to put users in trance-like state with heavy sedation and relaxation effects. It’s best for smoking when going to sleep and has a high THC content (packing a hefty 26% average.)
  • Hindu Kush – Hindu Kush is named after the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan where it was initially discovered. This indica strain is popular with hash makers worldwide and users love this strain for aiding with pain, nausea, stress, and insomnia.
  • Northern Lights – Northern Lights is one of the most famous strains of all time – a pure indica admired for its sedative effects that settle firmly throughout the body, relaxing muscles and indulging the mind in euphoria.


In recent years, the cannabis industry has blown up and  the number of cannabis strains is only continuing to grow exponentially. Each strain has its own unique properties and finding the one that works best for you may require trial and error. Keep in mind that each strain may affect your body differently – look out for those with a high THC content as they can creep up on you. We hope this article was able answer any questions you may have had regarding sativas, indicas and hybrids, or daytime vs. nighttime cannabis use. If you need an online dispensary with a multitude of high quality strains to choose from, look no further than Holi Concentrates.