How to Heal From The Outside With Cannabis

How to Heal From The Outside With Cannabis

Globally, the amount of people using cannabis to ease chronic pain on any level is bigger than you may think, due to cannabis being widely legalized. Topical use of CBD products in particular can reduce inflammation in the body, aid in calming anxiety, and help with sleep by creating an overall relaxed feeling in your body. Concrete research is continuously being done on CBD and those who’ve tried its method for their pain swear by it. In this article, we will review some of our favourite ways to heal from the outside with cannabis. 


Bath And Shower Products 

If you’re someone that deals with any kind of physical pain on a regular basis, you may know that a hot shower or bath can alleviate symptoms you’re feeling, even if it’s only for a short amount of time. Topicals (creams, sprays, salves, bath bombs etc.) can provide localized relief from aches and pains. CBD enters your body by binding to endocannabinoid receptors found on the skin, providing quick results and a happy customer. It doesn’t enter your bloodstream, which means you can lather up as much CBD lotion as you please without having to worry about if you may get high – it has zero psychoactivity. Below we have included a few of our recommendations for topical bath and shower products that may aid in pain relief.


Your Skin And Cannabis 

Is preserving your skin important to you? If so, consider incorporating cannabis into your beauty regimen. Infused oils, balms and lotions can do amazing things for your skin, especially in the anti-aging realm. This can mostly be explained by the fact that cannabis is a powerful antioxidant, possibly more potent than other popular ones like Vitamins C and E. Oxidative stress can break down collagen and hinder your skin’s natural repair process – this shows up as wrinkles, loose skin or acne breakouts. Antioxidants are magical tools for your skin because they have been proven to speed up the healing process of your skin and prevent tissue damage caused by the environment. Not only do antioxidants keep your skin looking more youthful, but cannabis specifically can keep your skin healthier too. 


Sore Muscles, Say Goodbye

Whether you work at a desk job sitting for hours at a time, or you do something more physically taxing like working with heavy objects, cannabis can benefit your body and aid in relieving any tension, inflammation or soreness your muscles are holding onto. For muscles and soreness specifically, we recommend introducing a THC or CBD stick into your life. This product can target specific areas that may need more help than others, and often are made with other helpful ingredients that work well with cannabis, such as peppermint oil or lavender. Rub the stick well on the desired area 3-4 times daily, or use as needed. For better absorption you can apply after a hot bath or shower to help the product melt into your skin.


Is CBD treatment right for you?

If you suffer from any type of pain, make use of the tools out there that could possibly help you – don’t be scared of experimenting with cannabis! Each person may have their own view, but we believe that if it may help ease your pain, there’s no harm in trying. The Lower Mainland has many resources to learn more about cannabis and how to safely experiment with it. If you’re looking for a highly credible website with fast delivery right to your door, visit Holi Concentrates to browse our selection of high grade cannabis and CBD products! Hopefully our detailed descriptions can make you feel a little more at ease if you’re not as familiar with the cannabis world as we are.