Holi Concentrates’ Cannabis Essentials For Spring 2023

As the winter breezes slowly begin to dissipate and the cool temperatures start to rise, it’s time you start preparing for the spring season ahead! Apart from better weather, the spring season brings with it some of the best marijuana goodies.  From new treats to the 4/20 holiday, we’ve prepared our quarterly cannabis essentials list […]
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Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Strains: Learning the Basics

There are three main types of cannabis strains: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Each type has characteristics that make it unique. Understanding these types’ differences is the first step in choosing the right strain for you. The process of classifying cannabis strains began in the 18th century. At that time, there were only two strains: Sativa […]

The Many Benefits of Terpenes in Marijuana

Terpenes are an amazing property. They are also mysterious… although we talk about them more and more, especially about the hemp plant, since they give the different varieties of cannabis their scents and flavorus. Of course, terpenes are not unique to hemp – they are found in many plants. But it is their properties mixed […]

The 3 Top Must-Try Indica Strains This February 2023

As health restrictions and regulations begin to ease around the world, there’s never been a better time to lay back and destress with mary and jane. Better yet, what better excuse to try out February 2022’s top weed strains than during a win for health around the world!  Health is wealth and you already know […]

4 Must-Try Cannabis Goodies This May 2021

This year is definitely just flying by. Compared to the same time last year, where everyone was figuring out the new lifestyle of socially distancing and staying safe from the pandemic, we’ve all settled into our routines and practice our own new set of procedures. Whether it is social activities or indulging in our own […]
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Forget Smoking, Try These Marijuana Edibles Instead

Imagine this: you have the day off and are sitting around at home wondering how to spend the day. You remember that your marijuana stash composed of the finest sativa strains is almost running empty. It’s time to re-up. You can’t recall where you got these last few grams from and can’t be bothered to […]

The 3 Best Edibles You’ve Got to Try for Spring

With THC and CBD-infused edibles on the rise in their many variations, many Canadian marijuana lovers are getting into the edible game. Marijuana edibles are discreet, easy to ingest, powerful, and are amazing for relaxation purposes. All edibles Holi Concentrates carries are made completely of plant derived components and do not include any unnecessary flavours […]

Introducing 5 Amazing Vape Cartridges To Gift Your Friends This Christmas!

As the holidays edge closer and closer, not all of us have checked off every box on our Christmas shopping list. That could be because you’ve been too busy and/or too lazy to do so, but don’t worry, our Holi Team has got you covered. We have hand-picked 5 phenomenal Vape Pen Cartridge products that […]

Holi Concentrates’ Top 4 Strongest Marijuana Strains this December

Here at Holi Concentrates, our dedicated team remains consistent when it comes to introducing new premiere strains to our customers, from West Coast in Vancouver to all the way in Toronto. Our team consists of enthusiasts who continue to constantly research and keep up to date with the industry and which new products it offers. […]

Introducing Holi Concentrates’ Premium Cannabis Accessories

Here at Holi, we are constantly working hard to continuously improve our site and the products we have to offer. As a company we strive to create the most ideal online cannabis shopping experience, from premium products to effortless accessibility. Working towards this goal, we thought to ourselves – what can we do differently to […]
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