Holi Concentrates’ Top 4 Tastiest Treats to Take Into the Fall Season

Holi Concentrates’ Top 4 Tastiest Treats to Take Into the Fall Season

THC and CBD-infused edibles have established themselves in the cannabis industry in their many variations, with countless different treats to experience. Marijuana edibles are discreet, easy to consume, powerful, and are unbeatable for relaxation purposes. All edibles Holi Concentrates carries are made completely of plant derived components and do not include any unnecessary flavours or harmful additives. In this article, we break down 4 of our staff-picked edible treats that are not only delicious but perfect for the upcoming Fall season.


Nerd Bites – Mixed Fruit (600mg)

Nerd Bites are a brand new specialized THC treat that deliver a very powerful punch. Each package of the Mixed Fruit Nerd Bites contains a total of 600mg, with each individual piece amounting to 100mg each. These bite-sized delicacies are sprinkled in fruity Nerds to bring out the kid side of you once again. Don’t get carried away though, as delicious as they are there’s no doubt they pack a strong punch. 


Nerd Rope – Lemonade Wild Cherry (400mg)

Similar to the nerd bites, the Lemonade Wild Cherry Nerd Rope offers consumers a chewy yet crunchy delicacy. This product is amazing for sharing with friends or consuming in increments as it comes in 8 detachable pieces amounting to a grand total of 400mg THC. Enjoy it all at once or split it up into multiple tasty treats, the choice is yours!


Air Heads – Blue Raspberry (500mg)

Our very own Blue Raspberry Air Heads is a product dedicated to veteran cannabis connoisseurs who grew up enjoying this childhood classic. Except this time around, they pack a staggering 100mg of THC per piece. If you’re craving a tangy treat that’ll leave you glued to your sofa for the foreseeable future, look no further than this special sour ribbon.


CBD Option: Baroness Gummies – This Little Piggy (500mg) 

For the CBD lovers who are looking for something more subtle, or don’t possess the THC tolerance of a cement wall, there’s This Little Piggy. Not nearly as potent in its THC levels, this pack of gummies are more for the taste and healing of the mind and body. Each 5-pack of these gummies contain a total of 500mg CBD and just 50mg THC, making it perfect for any novice edible consumer or those who just want to kick back on an afternoon.

Now that you have read up about 4 unique and delicious edibles, why not give one a try? All of these products offer consumers different taste profiles and different effects. Throw on your favourite Netflix series and grab a pack of Holi Concentrates Edibles while watching the leaves start to plunder this Fall season.


Holi Concentrates is one of the leading online mail-dispensaries in Canada and works with the most trustworthy growers and cultivators. We only offer premiere quality Canadian edibles online for our customers and friends. If you have any questions about the treats we carry, or would like advice on our products in general, please feel free to get in touch with our Customer Support Team.