Top 5 Traits of a Stoner

Top 5 Traits of a Stoner

A stoner is defined as someone who smokes marijuana, but I challenge that. A stoner is not someone who just smokes marijuana, but rather someone who enjoys it for themselves, and smokes regularly. Most likely, someone who took the time to find an article on how to know if you are a stoner is a stoner. Does this mean you’re a stoner? Perhaps. Here are 5 more criteria for you to decide!


#1. Your Often Find Yourself Smoking Alone

The first, and easiest way, to tell a stoner from someone who just smokes is by how often you smoke alone. Sure, you don’t skip on the occasions to smoke with friends, but when you get home after the fact, you can’t help but think how the joint could be rolled differently, how the experience would’ve been if only the weed was of higher quality

If the only time you smoke is at parties or when you are with friends, then you are not a stoner. But, if you sometimes find yourself smoking alone, whether in the day or late at night, then you’re probably fitting of the description.


#2. Slangs to You Are Like a Second Language

A stoner can effortlessly go through discussions about weed without being confused or lost at any point. You know all the tools, all the strains, and all the quirks about methods of consumption. 

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#3. April 20th Is Barely a Holiday

A person’s enthusiasm about marijuana is shaped much like a parabola. You have the non-participants who treat April 20th like any other day, and the novices who celebrates it like it was Christmas. Then enters the stoners, who could not care less what calendar day it is – they’re smoking the same amount of loud every business minute.


#4. A Weird Pile Of Snacks

The snacks that you keep at your humble abode is a dead giveaway. Not only will a stoner curate some of the most oddball snack combinations you will ever see, but they also might have a random pile of varying snack foods in a designated area. From Oreos to nanaimo bars, to soft drinks, you name it all.

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#5. There’s Always a Budget for Weed

After each paycheck, you actually budget for purchasing weed. You might also need to budget for rent and bills, but you never forget to leave a little aside for the necessary strains. Also, as bad as it might be to say, sometimes you might need to make a difficult choice as to either buy a few grams or to pay a bill. You definitely should never put yourself in financial jeopardy for weed, but we all have been there once or twice.


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