How To Clean Your Pipe for Cannabis

One of the worst nightmares for cannabis smokers is a dirty pipe that won’t pull. You pack your pipe with the finest quad AAAA+ weed that you definitely paid too much for (unless you bought them with Holi Concentrates), and your worst fear kicks in: nothing is moving after you’ve lit the goods. Trust me, […]
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4 Must-Try Cannabis Goodies This May 2021

This year is definitely just flying by. Compared to the same time last year, where everyone was figuring out the new lifestyle of socially distancing and staying safe from the pandemic, we’ve all settled into our routines and practice our own new set of procedures. Whether it is social activities or indulging in our own […]

The Newbie’s Guide to Cannabinoids

Most cannabis enthusiasts, despite loving the high and the headspace weed puts them in, do not truly understand the different types of cannabinoids. Not that it really matters, but for those looking to do a deeper dive into this hobby, understanding different cannabinoid profiles can be a pleasure for many. In this article, we will […]

Can Cannabis Help Get Your Sleep Schedule Back on Track?

Sleep is the basic essential of any human being, yet many adults suffer from the lack of it. According to a survey administered by the National Sleep Foundation, 50 to 70 million adults in North America experience insomnia on a regular basis. On a proportional level, around 40% of adults will experience sleep disorder in […]

Forget Smoking, Try These Marijuana Edibles Instead

Imagine this: you have the day off and are sitting around at home wondering how to spend the day. You remember that your marijuana stash composed of the finest sativa strains is almost running empty. It’s time to re-up. You can’t recall where you got these last few grams from and can’t be bothered to […]
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Does Marijuana Have An Expiry Date?

A common question asked by many members of the marijuana community is whether the plant, and products derived from the plant, have best-before dates. A quick answer is yes; anything and everything has an expiry date. However, with cannabis, depending on the form it’s in whether as dried flower or infused into a gummy bear, […]

Holi Concentrates Guide: All You Need To Know About Cannabinoids

When you ask a cannabis connoisseur about their marijuana hobby and what made them start smoking, the answer has often to do with friends or relatives. If you ask them further, chances are they will not know too much about their cannabis products other than the experience. Most will describe the high, without much elaboration […]

Introducing Holi Concentrates Premium Daily Deals

As our Holi Team continued to brainstorm how we could create the most ideal cannabis shopping experience, we came up with the perfect idea. Why not give our beloved customers amazing deals to enjoy on each day of the week? Mondays are for settling into the work mood, Thursdays are for complacent, while Sundays are […]