Does Marijuana Have An Expiry Date?

A common question asked by many members of the marijuana community is whether the plant, and products derived from the plant, have best-before dates. A quick answer is yes; anything and everything has an expiry date. However, with cannabis, depending on the form it’s in whether as dried flower or infused into a gummy bear, […]
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Introducing 5 Amazing Vape Cartridges To Gift Your Friends This Christmas!

As the holidays edge closer and closer, not all of us have checked off every box on our Christmas shopping list. That could be because you’ve been too busy and/or too lazy to do so, but don’t worry, our Holi Team has got you covered. We have hand-picked 5 phenomenal Vape Pen Cartridge products that […]

Holi Concentrates’ Top 4 Strongest Marijuana Strains this December

Here at Holi Concentrates, our dedicated team remains consistent when it comes to introducing new premiere strains to our customers, from West Coast in Vancouver to all the way in Toronto. Our team consists of enthusiasts who continue to constantly research and keep up to date with the industry and which new products it offers. […]

4 New Powerful Strains To Try This Fall 2020 Season

The Fall season is one of the most enjoyable times for cannabis connoisseurs. With leaves falling, Halloween around the corner and warmer clothing, our Holi team believes this is one of the most enjoyable times of the year to spark up and enjoy some premium marijuana. With that said, we have hand-picked 4 amazing strains […]

Holi Concentrates Guide: What Is Shatter And How Do You Use It?

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, introducing new products and methods of consumption on a daily basis. The average marijuana user is unlikely to know all the different products available in the market today. That’s where we come in. Today, our Holi Concentrates team would like to introduce a potent and powerful form of cannabis. […]
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4 Powerful Indica Strains For Summer 2020

In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, the Summer weather is finally here! Due to recent events such as COVID-19, this Summer season hasn’t gotten the anticipation and excitement that it usually receives, especially with most people still practicing social distancing. It is more difficult to kick back and relax during these warm nights without […]